Jones: I've always listened to coaches

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It’s not like Jerry Jones has never listened to a head coach’s input on personnel before now.

And it hasn’t only been Bill Parcells.

For better or worse, Jones has always given coaches a lot of power in personnel decisions. For instance, if you’re still ripped about the Cowboys not drafting Randy Moss, direct your anger toward Chan Gailey. He’s the guy who talked Jones out of selecting one of the most spectacular receivers in NFL history.

“I’m trying to think back when I’ve ever really insisted that someone be a part of this team and the coach didn’t agree,” Jones said. “I’m having trouble.”

In an attempt to be helpful, I suggested Terrell Owens as a possibility. Jones responded with a death stare and a firm denial.

“No. We both agreed on T.O.,” he said. “We both agreed. Bill and I agreed that he ought to be on the team.”

In the past, Jones has said that he owns the tiebreaker in personnel decisions. He’s given that up to Garrett, a tremendous sign of trust and respect for a first-time head coach.

“The thing I want you to understand is how much I value his judgment,” Jones said.