When no might not mean never

IRVING, Texas -- As Calvin reported, the Cowboys have denied permission for Houston to speak with linebackers coach Reggie Herring, according to a source.

But that does not mean a reunion with Wade Phillips with the Texans is off for good.

Back in 2007, the Cowboys’ request to speak with San Diego defensive backs coach Brian Stewart to reunite him with Phillips in Dallas was initially denied. Phillips wanted Stewart as his defensive coordinator, but the Chargers balked. After about a week the Cowboys received permission and Stewart became the defensive coordinator. After two seasons Stewart was fired.

Just because the answer to the Texans is “no” now doesn’t mean it will be “no” forever.

Asked about coaching staff changes Thursday, Jason Garrett said, “We don’t believe in change for change sake. A lot of people want to come in and say, ‘We’ve got to make some changes.’ We’re going to make the changes we think are the right changes to make.”