Losing Ray Sherman isn't a good thing

Jason Garrett, who was given the power to retain and fire his coaching staff, will not have Ray Sherman as his receivers coach.

It's not known if this was Garrett's decision or whether Sherman, who was in the last year of his deal, asked not to be retained.

Sherman is credited with the development of Miles Austin, who had a second straight 1,000-yard season, and for being a sounding board for receivers such as Dez Bryant and ex-Cowboy Terrell Owens, who voice their opinions -- loudly -- on the sidelines. The receivers could have gone to Garrett with their complaints, but instead went to Sherman, someone they liked.

There was some concern when Sherman interviewed for the head coach job that eventually went to Garrett that it would be viewed as a negative. But team executive Stephen Jones said that wasn't the case, adding that Sherman was impressive during his three-hour interview.

It's clear Garrett wants his own guys on the staff -- Sherman was hired when Wade Phillips was the coach -- and that's his right.

But letting Sherman go is a mistake that must be fixed quickly.

There were too many times during the season where players were upset about the offense and vented to Sherman.

At one point, Roy Williams took a shot at Garrett during an interview, which prompted a meeting to clear the air.

Garrett said communication is important to developing a bond with the football team, but it appeared it wasn't the case at times. It seemed some of the players went to Sherman over Garrett to express their thoughts on the offense. Garrett needs to keep coaches on his staff the players feel comfortable with, and one of those coaches was Sherman. Without him, you wonder about the communication between the players and Garrett.

Since he took over as interim coach at the midway point of the 2010 season, Garrett has wanted to do things his way and has been successful at it.

If this is another case of him doing things his way, Jerry Jones should have stepped in and said, "Keep Sherman," a well-respected coach in this league. If not, then we suspect Sherman wants to be a head coach or offensive coordinator somewhere.