Patrick Crayton pops off about Jason Garrett

Patrick Crayton provided plenty of evidence Friday that the Cowboys made the right decision to get rid of him before the season started.

The on-the-record reasoning for trading Crayton to San Diego for a late-round pick was because he didn’t contribute enough on special teams to be the team’s No. 4 receiver. The reality is also that the value of Crayton as an insurance policy was outweighed by the risk of him being an unhappy camper who would wreak havoc with the mass weapon of destruction known as his mouth.

It’s been common knowledge that Crayton lacked respect for Jason Garrett since he followed Terrell Owens into the offensive coordinator’s office to complain about Jason Witten’s role in the offense. During an appearance with ESPN 103.3’s Ben and Skin Show, Crayton made it clear he had a personal problem with Garrett.

"What words am I allowed to say on the radio? Karma is a ...” Crayton said when asked what could prevent Garrett from succeeding as the Cowboys’ head coach. “That would be one side of it. The other would be players not responding to him in a positive way.

“They responded, I believe, this past season because of the guy who signs the checks, Jerry Jones. He's a true players’ owner. But when he comes in in an authoritative way, you tend to listen."

That’s exactly why it was so important for Jerry to make the extent of Garrett’s power clear.

As was the case with Bill Parcells -- a coach Crayton griped about after he left Valley Ranch -- the Cowboys’ head coach has the power (and guts) to get rid of guys who don’t want to get in line. When Garrett gets authoritative, guys better listen or they’ll be gone.