Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

Bryan Broaddus, the official NFL scout of 103.3 FM and ESPNDallas.com, raised an interesting question today with Ben & Skin about wide receiver Dez Bryant:

If the Cowboys had a chance to get a second first-round pick, should they trade Dez Bryant?

Many of you have gone crazy about this. The majority of you are saying, "NO WAY!!!!"

But when I asked someone in the front office whether it would consider such a trade, he said, "I would think about it."

Bryant is a dynamic player. Before a season-ending leg injury, he led the team in touchdowns and explosive plays. If not for his injuries, he might have been the NFL Rookie of the Year. He scored six receiving touchdowns and two special-teams touchdowns. He was a force on the deep ball and has the ability to break tackles on shorter routes. Former wide receivers coach Ray Sherman called him a freak talent.

Quarterback Tony Romo said the receiver catches everything, and Romo still raves about an out-of-bounds catch that Bryant made versus Houston in Week 3.

But former Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton had this to say about Bryant on the Ben & Skin Show on Friday: "They let him get away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Hopefully whoever they bring in as receivers coach, and they say [Jason] Garrett is a disciplinarian, won't let him get away with so much stuff. He'll get locked down and hopefully be the next Michael Irvin."

Now to be fair, Crayton isn't a big fan of Garrett, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. However, it should be noted that Bryant was late to numerous meetings early in the season and didn't master the playbook as he should have.

This is an issue the Cowboys must address whenever they return to the field.

When Bryant went down with an injury, several players thought it would be a good time for Bryant to learn how to become an accomplished receiver with his time away from the game.

Although the Cowboys lost his playmaking ability, they did finish the season 5-3 under Garrett and 2-2 without Bryant.

So if the Cowboys trade Bryant, what would they get in return?

They'd better get another top-15 pick. And if that's the case, they could draft a pass-rusher and offensive lineman in the first round.

Is that more important than Bryant? Maybe. After all, you won 11 games without him in 2009. With him, you lost 10 games and had a receiver who was late to meetings, didn't know the playbook and had a few rants on the sideline.

I don't believe you should trade Bryant, but if you get two elite players in the draft, should you at least explore the possibility?