Roger Staubach a fan of Jason Garrett's

IRVING, Texas -- Last week I spoke with Roger Staubach about Super Bowl XLV and his role as the host committee chairman for this story, but I also wanted to get his take on Jason Garrett.

Garrett was named the Cowboys head coach after directing a 5-3 finish as the team’s interim coach. While their paths have crossed a few times over the years, Staubach is more familiar with Garrett’s father, Jim, who was a scout for the team.

“I always thought a lot of Jason and as a player he gave about 200 percent every time he played,” Staubach said. “I was at that Thanksgiving game [vs. Green Bay in 1994]. He’s a very smart guy Xs and Os wise. There’s a small percentage of guys that don’t quite get it sometimes as far as being on time for meetings, doing what you’re supposed to do. The rest of the players, they do that, but coaches have to kind of make sure everybody abides by the same rules. I think that’s Jason. Those coaches that are the most successful have that control of the team not only on the field but off the field as far as meetings, not being late. I remember coach Landry if you got in a wreck on Central Expressway and were late he’d say, ‘You should’ve left earlier.’ Jason really gets the importance of discipline on a football team. I think Jerry wants to be more involved than most -- but most owners don’t have three Super Bowl wins either -- and I think Jason is the kind of guy that fits with being able to have an active owner and also running your football team. That’s not an easy person to find. He’ll be able to get what he wants and I think his respect for Jerry will help the formula.”