Flozell Adams has no hard feelings

Pittsburgh Steelers starting right tackle Flozell Adams spent 12 years with the Dallas Cowboys. No one would blame him for having a little bitterness after the way he was discarded last offseason. But in a revealing interview (by his standards) with the media in Fort Worth on Monday, Adams didn't sound like a man with a score to settle.

"It's one of the things with the game," said Adams of his release. "Whether you’re a rookie or an old vet it's going to happen eventually. I just did what I had to do and picked a team I wanted to go to. I wasn’t crying or anything like that or boo-hooing. I was like 'OK, that's it. It's time to move to the next level,' and that’s what I did."

Adams' teammates on the offensive line surprised him Monday by wearing his Michigan State No. 76 throwback jerseys. Adams seemed genuinely touched by the gesture.

He was asked Monday to compare the Rooney family to the Jerry Jones family.

"They have different styles," Adams said. "They're both great organizations and I like being with the Cowboys and I like being here. It's a two-way street going in the same direction."

Please feel free to explain that last sentence to me at some point.