Rashard Mendenhall happy with outcome

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The 2008 NFL Draft was wonderful for running backs coming out.

Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Rashard Mendenhall, Felix Jones among others highlighted a terrific class. But the Cowboys have been second-guessed for drafting Jones over Mendenhall and if you look at the two players you can see why.

Mendenhall has rushed for 2,439 yards with 20 touchdowns and will make his second trip to a Super Bowl in three years when his team takes on the Green Bay Packers.

Jones has compiled 2,470 yards with eight touchdowns and is coming off career year where he rushed for 800 yards.

"A lot of backs came out and did a lot in this league and it's an honor to be apart of that group," Mendenhall said. "It will be interesting to see what happens as far as the course of time where we get up ranked."

Mendenhall spoke to the Cowboys several times during the draft process and at one point he thought he might get picked up by them. But it was uncertain whether he was coming to Dallas.

Jones had attended Arkansas, where Jerry Jones played college football, and the team looked at him as a quality backup to Marion Barber, the starter.

"I thought that was a possibility," Mendenhall said. "I thought that was a high possibility. But being in Pittsburgh and being in two Super Bowls in three years, I wouldn’t trade it."