Troy Aikman: Weather won't affect next bid

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Wicked winter weather or not, Troy Aikman firmly believes the Super Bowl will be back at Cowboys Stadium.

Aikman, who will replace Roger Staubach as the North Texas Super Bowl committee chairman, wants the Super Bowl back here in five years. That’s the earliest return date allowed by NFL rules. Jerry Jones and the committee have had their sights set on Super Bowl L since the day they won the bid for XLV.

The snow and ice have created far less than ideal conditions for the early portion of this week, as was the case with the buildup to the NBA All-Star Game last year. However, Aikman points out that the $1.2 billion palace of a stadium is the reason the Super Bowl is here and will be back.

“I can’t imagine not having more Super Bowls in North Texas,” Aikman said during a media event promoting the Fox crew that will broadcast the game. “As someone who is very proud to be living in this region and considers this home for me, I don’t want to apologize for the weather that we’re experiencing. But for those who haven’t really spent any time here, they don’t know that this is atypical for us.

“Everyone is shocked that it’s happened, but hopefully that doesn’t hurt our chances of getting future Super Bowls. And I don’t think it will.”