Jerry Jones still looking for naming rights deal

DALLAS -- Los Angeles does not have a football team or moved a piece of dirt for a new stadium, but a proposed downtown stadium already has a $700 million naming rights deal.

AEG and Farmers Insurance have entered into a 30-year agreement this week on a proposed stadium and have sights on hosting Super Bowl L in 2015.

Los Angeles has not had an NFL team since the Raiders left for Oakland after the 1994 season.

“To me that is a major indication of the viability of a franchise in Los Angeles,” Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “That’s significant money no matter who you are, so I think that is a big plus.”

Jones serves on the committee for expansion to Los Angeles. Several teams could be possible candidates to relocate, including San Diego, Minnesota, Jacksonville and Buffalo.

“That’s an effort that’s been going on for a long time,” Jones said. “It’s the chicken in the egg thing. Who’s the team? How’s the stadium? There are a lot of good people involved, I’d say, that are very serious and it’s a positive thing they have there.”

Jones is still searching for a naming rights deal for Cowboys Stadium, which is hosting Super Bowl XLV. He said he could see a deal be put in place in 2011 and that there have been opportunities for a deal in the first two years of the stadium’s existence.

“I have always said that unless we are ready in the right way with the right partner then Cowboys Stadium is the way we want it,” Jones said. “Never had naming rights on Texas Stadium either because I wanted the focus to be more on the Cowboys and the team … I must say to you that I feel good that our stadium and the comments that will be made about the stadium, the visual images of the stadium that it will be referred to as Cowboys Stadium.”