Weather won't stop SB from coming back

The retractable roof at JerryWorld apparently came with a cost not included in the football palace’s $1.2 billion price tag.

A blizzard dumped a foot of snow on the Metroplex at the beginning of the NBA All-Star Weekend last year, dampening the spirits before the stadium’s first international showcase. The winter weather has been even worse in this region for Super Bowl week, when ice storms preceded the snowfall.

Clearly, The Man above must be mad about his view being blocked after enjoying all those roof-free Sundays at Texas Stadium. He’s taking out his wrath by whipping up woeful winter weather when the world is watching JerryWorld.

If you buy that theory, you’re foolish enough to believe that the Super Bowl won’t be back in Arlington in the not-too-distant future, just like the NBA All-Star Game, which was considered a wild success after the biggest basketball crowd ever packed the place. JerryWorld is just too palatial not to be in the regular rotation for these events. And, in the case of the Super Bowl, Jerry Jones is just too powerful in NFL circles.

The weather was a big blow to the Dallas/Fort Worth restaurant and bar owners who anticipated a major boost in business this week. But it won’t hurt the chances of the Super Bowl being back.