Steve Young: Sanders first shut-down CB

DALLAS -- Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young has an interesting perspective on Deion Sanders. He was a teammate of Sanders’ for a year in San Francisco in 1994 and an opponent in several big games before and after.

“He was the first shut-down corner ever,” Young said of Sanders. “He introduced the concept.”

Sanders was instrumental in the Niners winning the Super Bowl in 1994 after signing there as a free agent.

“We needed a defensive threat,” Young said. “We could score points. We just needed to slow down the biggest and baddest teams and that’s what he did that year.”

Young said Deion was a great teammate and a “marketing genius.” He wasn’t the toughest corner, according to Young, but he was the best.

“We know everyone feared him so much for his athletic ability that I don’t know that he had to necessarily tackle that much,” Young said. “There was fear there as a quarterback. When he was in Atlanta he made a couple of interceptions off me … when I throw the ball I know whether it’ll be trouble or not. I threw a couple that were not trouble that he took that defied my eye.”