Roger Goodell will take care of 400 fans

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday morning the 400 fans who were not able to get seats at Cowboys Stadium due to seats not being completed in time will become, "guests of the NFL" for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis next year.

It was a nice move by Goodell for a league that has taken some major PR hits this week for the bad weather in North Texas followed up by the ticket and seating problems for Sunday's game.

After a limited number of sections in temporary seating areas at Cowboys Stadium were not completed in time, 400 fans were left without seats.

The NFL moved fans to similar or better seats valued at $800. Alternate seating was found for 850 of the 1,250 fans affected. The 400 who were not able to be seated were given a refund of triple face value for $2,400.

There's no telling if the fans paid face value for the tickets or more through a ticket broker.

One thing about Sunday night's game, the 400 fans without seats went on the field postgame and received free merchandise, food and beverage and free tickets to Super Bowl XLVI.