Returning assistants' roles don't change

IRVING, Texas -- What will be different for offensive line coach Hudson Houck now that he's added the title of running game coordinator?

"Nothing, really," Houck said.

The same goes for tight ends coach John Garrett, who added the title of passing game coordinator. As it does for Wes Phillips, who has officially made the switch from offensive quality control coach to assistant offensive line coach.

The fact is that all three men were working in those roles for the final half of last season. Responsibilities were reshuffled when offensive coordinator Jason Garrett became the interim coach. The assistants took over duties that Jason Garrett didn't have time to do as a head coach.

That meant Houck, who was assisted by Phillips all season, took more responsibility for planning and organizing meetings in the running game. John Garrett did the same in the passing game.

Now, they just have titles that reflect their increased roles.

"It’s just a natural continuation," John Garrett said.