Ian Kinsler loyal to Cowboys, Cardinals

SURPRISE, Ariz. – Ian Kinsler said he was just showing his loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals when he mentioned two Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday in an effort to explain why he feels Michael Young will join the team this weekend.

Kinsler said Thursday: “This isn't DeSean Jackson or Michael Vick or Manny Ramirez. Michael Young is a professional. It would be completely out of his personality not to be here."

Kinsler said Friday that he’s been a Cardinals fan his entire life, but has added the Cowboys to his list of favorite teams.

“I would never say Beanie Wells or T.O. or anyone with the Cowboys or Cardinals,” Kinsler said. “I’ve always been a Cardinals fan because it’s home, but when you move to Dallas, honestly, you really have no choice.”

Kinsler said he’s met Cowboys tight end Jason Witten a few times at charity events and used to attend two or three Cowboys games each season when Vernon Wells was hosting tailgate gatherings. Kinsler also went to the Super Bowl earlier this month at Cowboys Stadium.