Rex Ryan wants Cowboys to have No. 2 D

INDIANAPOLIS -- Rob Ryan’s introduction to Dallas was impressive, filled with bravado about how good of a defensive coordinator he is and how good of a defense he will have with the Cowboys.

His brother, Rex, the New York Jets head coach, wanted to temper some of those expectations from th NFL Scouting Combine.

"Well, I think he expects to be second in the league in defense,'' Rex joked.

The Ryans had a good natured back-and-forth when the Jets and Cleveland played last year and will have a chance to renew it this year because the Jets are on the Cowboys’ schedule provided there aren’t any missed games in the regular season because of a lockout.

Maybe that’s why Rob joined the Cowboys.

“That would be a reason he wouldn’t want to take it,” Rex said.

On a more serious note, Rex had this to say about Rob’s scheme:

"His scheme is a little different than ours. He does a few things different. But he's a great coach. There's no question about it. I'll be excited to see what he does with some of the talent that they have there. That's a very talented football team. I'll be excited about watching them.”