Jerry Jones responds to SI story

NEW ORLEANS -- A story published by Sports Illustrated last week depicted Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in a negative light. The story indicated that during a meditation session, Jones tried to intimidate the players by tapping his fist together to indicate a lockout was coming.

"I don't think we've got your attention," Jones said to the players, according to SI. "You clearly don't understand what we're saying, and we're not hearing what you're saying. So I guess we're going to have to show you to get your attention."

On Tuesday, Jones was asked about the incident and said he wasn't trying to intimidate the players. In fact, he doesn't want a lockout and stressed he wants to negotiate.

"I was in the room to do everything that I could do to negotiate," Jones said. "And like I say, it's understandable when you don’t agree."

It appears Jones was trying to get the meeting moving so the two sides could talk and was prompted to do so by a league attorney. When Jones tapped his fists it was more about moving quicker in the talks than telling the players a lockout is coming.

"I just think you really want to in any relationship keep it in house as [much as] you can," Jones said of the talks with the players. "It's easy for me to understand. As an example, that if we’re negotiating, and I'm not saying the things that you agree with, that you might not like the color of the shirt that I’m wearing that day. It's just human nature. When you've done as much as I've done in my career, I understand that. No I don’t [get upset] whether it's a misplaced [comment] or not or criticism of a comment that might have a negative tone to it. No, I don’t look at it."