NFL owners' meeting review

NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL owners' meetings are over now and let's review what we've learned in regard to the Cowboys.

1. Dez Bryant received all sorts of praise from Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett on Tuesday morning and it's not known if they knew about the young receiver's issues at a Dallas area mall. Bryant is this amazing talent that now has a target on his back from fans, media and the general public. Everything he does will be looked at closely and that's sad. We're not saying for Bryant to stay in the house, but he needs to be a little more cautious. If you're having problems at a mall, stop going up there. Better yet change your behavior. He doesn't help matters when he put on Twitter late Tuesday night he's going back to the same mall he's had problems in to get some Jordans. The Cowboys can't talk to Bryant due to the lockout, but maybe they should get word to his people that he needs to settle down a little bit.

2. Two bad things happened to Bryan McCann in the last few days: He got arrested for public intoxication and the new kickoff rules, moving kickoffs from the 30 to 35, will increase touchbacks. McCann averaged 22 yards per return last year. He's got speed and the ability to change direction while returning kickoffs. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah returned kicks before McCann and does have excellent speed but not the wiggle you need to make people miss. However, it would seem having an elite kick returner on the roster isn't such a big deal anymore. McCann wasn't that but he was the best one they had. His arrest for being drunk, he denies he was, adds to the fact he might not be wanted around Valley Ranch anymore. It would be interesting to see if McCann is with the team in 2011. If not, expect Kevin Ogletree to return kicks.

3. One of the new rule changes has the replay official reviewing all touchdowns. It's designed to help coaches save one of their challenges. Last season the Cowboys were 5-5 on replay challenges. The Cowboys challeged two touchdowns, a Vince Young touchdown pass that was reversed and a Brandon Jackson touchdown run that was upheld.

4. It was interesting to hear Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett say they want Gerald Sensabaugh and Kyle Kosier back on the team. Sensabaugh, the strong safety, struggled early in the 2010 season but performed better late. It seemed as if the Cowboys were going to let Sensabaugh test the market and I believe that will still happen, whenever free agency starts, because they want to see what the market says. Kosier will turn 33 in November and the goal of getting younger at the position has failed the Cowboys. The team signed younger guards over the years but none panned out, so Kosier is in the drivers seat when it comes to a new deal with a team he wants to stay on. However don't be surprised if the Cowboys draft a guard in the late rounds.

5. Jay Ratliff came off surgeries to both elbows and was still pretty good, earning a trip to the Pro Bowl. But it wasn't his best year and offensive lines still made him a focus to attack him by sending a center and guard his way. Garrett said Ratliff battled through some health issues last season, not enough to miss any practice time or get placed on an injury report.