NorthPark mall welcomes back Dez Bryant

The Dez Bryant mall ban was lifted in less than a week.

NorthPark Center released a statement saying that Bryant is welcomed back on the premises and that the incident from last week is considered closed.

The mall could have enforced the 90-day ban that comes automatically with a criminal trespass warning, but Bryant was allowed to return after mall officials met with him and advisers David Wells and Texas Senator Royce West.

"I'm done with this," said Bryant, who exchanged apologies with mall officials. "It's not a big issue. I'm just getting ready to play this year. I know I'm doing fine. This is old news to me."

Bryant received the criminal trespass warning Saturday after directing profanity toward an off-duty police officer who was working security and asked some of Bryant's companions to pull up their sagging pants. Bryant disputed some details in the police report, but he admitted that he was wrong to use profanity and regretted that the incident put him in a negative light.

"I know how much I mean to the people of Dallas," Bryant said. "I feel like the people of Dallas give me a lot of love. I want to make them proud."