Breaking down the TEs: Dallas

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson examines the tight ends of each NFC East team. Today: Dallas Cowboys.

Plain and simple: Jason Witten is the best all-around tight end in all of football. He is exceptional in all phases of the position and really excelled as a receiver once Jon Kitna became the starting quarterback. Witten is excellent at moving the chains and is extremely reliable. He catches everything near him and offers something after the catch. He was the most-targeted tight end in the league last season -- with very few drops. He is also one of the best blocking tight ends in the game.

There was some unrest among the Cowboys’ wide receivers in 2010, but considering the wealth of receiving options in Dallas, Martellus Bennett’s 33 catches is a pretty impressive number. Bennett has also developed into a fantastic blocker. He's a young player with a ton of ability. He could really break out if given the chance, but that's very difficult with Witten around.

Expect the Cowboys to use a lot of double tight-end sets going forward -- they probably have the best stable at the position in the entire league.

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