Move up not likely for Cowboys

ARLINGTON, Texas -- While Jerry Jones believes the uncertain labor situation in the NFL might lead to more trades higher in the first round, the Cowboys' owner and general manager does not sound like he will make a bold move in Thursday’s early going.

So if you’re holding out hope for a move up from No. 9 to select LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, don’t.

“It’s well known that I like to take risk, and you usually look real bad or you can look real good taking risk,” Jones said during Tuesday’s press conference at Cowboys Stadium. “I don’t know that that is appropriate at the top of the first round as it is when you get into the latter part of the first round or other rounds.”

For only the sixth time in his tenure, the Cowboys will have a top-10 pick. Only once before has Jones traded into the top 10, moving to the top spot in 1991 to take Russell Maryland in a trade with New England.

His top-10 picks include: Troy Aikman (No. 1 in 1989), Maryland, Greg Ellis (No. 8 in 1998), Roy Williams (No. 8 in 2002) and Terence Newman (No. 5 in 2003).

“You’d like to think there’s going to be a Newman there,” Jones said. “You’d like to think there’s going to be a Greg Ellis there. You’d like to think there's going to be some of the players that we’ve used that pick on in the past...Roy Williams. And I know that you might have issue with me saying those picks were safe picks, but if you really look at them we thought they were pretty safe picks when we made them. I know Newman was on 21 draft boards as the No. 1 pick of the draft. We picked him in the [five] spot. When we’ve been there, which is not very often, we’ve been pretty sound, I think, on the downside of the player, in thinking what the downside is.”

Jones is more likely to move down Thursday, like he did in 2002. The Cowboys moved from No. 6 to No. 8 in a trade with Kansas City after Jones was assured Williams would still be on the board. At the owners’ meetings, Jones said he has had two offers for the No. 9 pick and on Tuesday said he has had more than two discussions about teams possibly moving up if a player remains on the board at that spot.

He is hoping a team will want to move into the top 10 for a quarterback or skill player.

“The bottom line is we do expect some interest and would be surprised if we did not have some interest,” Jones said. “The way the evaluations are playing out, the way the quarterback thing is looking uniquely in this draft, all of those things could come into play. It has a real potential to be a pretty attractive situation.”