Tony Romo tied for 10th in ESPN ranking

IRVING, Texas -- Our fine NFL writers from ESPN.com released their quarterback power rankings and Tony Romo finished tied for 10th with Baltimore’s Joe Flacco.

Five of the eight voters did not include him in the top 10 and he was no higher than ninth in the three ballots he made.

Does that sound about right? After missing 10 games last year because of the fractured left collarbone, Romo’s status has slipped in some eyes but that he still tied for 10th means something. And I would say he can move ahead of those above him with a strong 2011.

Philadelphia’s Michael Vick and Atlanta’s Matt Ryan tied for seventh. Eli Manning of the New York Giants was ninth. San Diego’s Philip Rivers was sixth, by the way.

Vick had a magical comeback season in 2010 but can he duplicate it? If he can stay healthy, the answer is yes because he has playmakers like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin on the outside. Manning has a Super Bowl ring but the Giants have missed the playoffs the last two seasons.

Ryan is every scout’s dream but if Romo was knocked for not winning a playoff game before beating the Eagles in 2009, then shouldn’t Ryan be held to a similar standard? Ryan is 0-2 in the postseason with losses to Arizona and Green Bay, who went on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowls those years. Well, one of Romo’s playoff losses came against the Giants, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

Tying for 10th seems about right in this vote, but it is probable Romo can move up a few pegs in 2012 with a solid return and even higher if the Cowboys made a playoff run in 2011.