Jason Garrett pleased players working out

This lockout has forced NFL teams to watch more film, rethink their plans and test their patience.

The players on the other hand are trying to live without football. Several teams, including the Cowboys, have gathered together for workouts. The Cowboys have their sessions at undisclosed locations. Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten are some of the leaders in this area to get players together.

At least 40 players have been at some of the sessions, which Romo said has gone well.

"I don’t want to comment too much on that," Jason Garrett said after being honored for his charity work by Humble Beginnings on Monday. "But I have seen that and I think that’s a natural progression for a lot of teams int his league to have guys get together. This is when you start to play a little football and you start getting to the middle of May is typically what our players are doing. So, for them to get together and throw it a little bit is probably a natural thing and a good thing."

Players from both offensive an defense work on routes, adjustments and schemes among various other things. The defense has to learn a new version of the 3-4 defense and the offense has to fine tune some of Garrett's offense.

Getting timing down with Romo from a receivers standpoint is important. The rules of the lockout prevent teams from speaking with players, so coaches and GMs have to rely on what they read and hear in the media and sometimes from third parties regarding how things are going.

"A comment that I made to somebody recently is I think a lot of good things happen when players work together by themselves when coaches aren’t around," Garrett said. "And for years, that’s happened on the practice field for 10 minutes after you finish practice a couple guys get together sand say, ‘Hey, will you work with me on this? Let’s work together on this.’ And I think that’s where you can gro individually and as a group."