Commish to visit season ticket holders

With the lockout ongoing, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken to several NFL teams' season ticket holders to give them updates on the lockout.

Goodell is expected to speak with Cowboys' season ticket holders as well, though no date has been scheduled.

"We have a lot of great fans who aren't season ticket holders," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "The message that he has is one of that he does ... understand the frustrations there. [We] certainly want to get back as quickly as we can to the more traditional offseason. And he's given that message."

At the Cowboys' annual golf outing Tuesday, things were a little different. The event is held for the teams' sponsors so they could play golf with current and former players and coaches.

Due to the lockout, current players can't interact with the coaches and front office, so it was former players such as Billy Joe Dupree, Rocket Ismail and Russell Maryland, among others, who showed up to the event.

Jones met with some sponsors Monday to talk to them about the lockout and the type of impact it may have. Normally Jones meets with the sponsors to get the tee times scheduled.

"I did visit with all of our group [Monday night] and expressed the incentive plan that I'm on," Jones said. "I didn't spend $1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys playing football in it this year. So we are doing and will continue to do everything we can to get a bargained agreement."