Ranking the wide receivers in the NFC East

There was an interesting debateon the NFC East blog today when our new blogger Dan Graziano ranked the best receiving corps in the division.

Here's what Dan said about his rankings:

Yeah, it's close. Frankly, I think it's a lot closer than the early voting on our Fired-up Friday poll indicates. I'm thinking maybe the Eagles fans all got to the poll first and the gap will close as Cowboys and Giants fans work to help their teams catch up. But when I look at the wide receiver groups in the NFC East and rank them, it goes like this.

1. Giants

2. Cowboys

3. Eagles

What surprised me here is the Giants were No. 1.

In my opinion, the top receiving corps in the division is the Eagles. You can say what you will about the numbers, but there is no better trio than DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant.

Nothing personal against the New York Giants' trio or even the Cowboys' group, but when you have two guys who stretch the defense with their speed and their ability to turn short receptions into big gains, I think that worries defensive coordinators.

Saying that, the Giants have a strong receiving group and I would place them second. The Cowboys are third.

Debate if you will over the weekend.