Tony Romo gets married

One event that didn't really slip my mind -- or it might have with me covering the Rangers over the weekend and preparing for the NBA Finals -- is Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo getting married Saturday night.

Romo married former sports reporter Candice Crawford in front of about 600 guests at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. The guest list included Jason Witten, Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Roy Williams, Bradie James, Leonard Davis, Miles Austin and Marc Colombo, among others. There was also a Wade Phillips sighting. (I had a source tell me who was there.)

You know how "Access Hollywood," or whatever it's called, has these sources that say what was going on in the wedding without actually being there? Well, we were told Dez Bryant got lost going to the event. He got there on time, he just got turned around.

Anyway, former Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter was a groomsmen, pony tail and all. Good for him.

The last time I spoke to Romo and Crawford was at a Mavericks game a while back. Can't remember the whole conversation, but both were happy to see me.

The last time I saw Romo was in his SUV talking football outside the private workout location I'm not supposed to know about.

As for the wedding itself, Witten said it best on Twitter: "Great wedding last night! Great friends celebrating together! That's what life's all about!''