Cowboys draft pick: RB DeMarco Murray

After taking the weekend off, our Cowboys draft series continues where we talk to position coaches of the players selected.


Ht: 6-0. Wt: 213

Position: Running back

School: Oklahoma

Round (overall): Third (71st)

To learn more about Cowboys draft pick DeMarco Murray, we talked with Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy. Here's what he had to say:

When did you know you had somebody special on campus?

Gundy: He was gifted when he played as a freshman. I've always overhauled the running back depth -- five or six every year. It's difficult. For the great ones, they come out right away with a physical toughness, a mentally. [Murray] was cut above everybody in high school. The transition was, when can he handle the job? He could from a mental standpoint, and it didn't take him long. He learned what we wanted of him in the passing game, on inside handoffs, outside handoffs, and playing on every down. He was very, very sharp.

What type of person is he?

Gundy: DeMarco is not a vocal person. He's very much to himself and will do what he has to do in the weight room, meeting rooms and makes sure the focus is on the job. He is a spiritual person and that keeps him grounded.

Tell us about him playing in the next level.

Gundy: He can. He does everything at a high level. He's got what ... 2 percent body fat, in great shape, a well-rounded kid. He's smart enough to know what it takes to play in the NFL. A lot of great players come out of college but don't make it on the next level. I believe he can. He takes care of his body and he doesn't get worn down by the work. He's looked at other great players who have failed, and it motivates him to make sure he's not one of those guys.

What's one thing you liked about him?

Gundy: Just his desire to succeed. He is a complete back and understands how to succeed. On the field, he's not very vocal. But the way he carries the football, he speaks by example. He's a leader and that's priceless. Dallas has a good player in DeMarco.