Plaxico Burress, Cowboys not a match

IRVING -- Drew Rosenhaus believes Plaxico Burress will be a highly sought after free agent, and if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about Rosenhaus over the last 14 years, it's that he knows how to create a market.

So consider this the Burress-to-the-Cowboys blog post of the day and why I don’t see it happening even if Jerry Jones loves taking low-risk chances like these.

Just to play along with a premise I already shot down, the only way this would happen is if there is no salary cap in 2011. There is no way the Cowboys would add Burress to a group of Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Roy Williams, Kevin Ogletree, Dwayne Harris, et al, without being able to rid themselves of Williams’ contract.

Without a cap, it would cost nothing to cut Williams. If there is a cap, Williams counts an extra $3.9 million if they cut him. Add to that the contract Burress would receive -- he will get more than the minimum from some team -- and it would not make business sense.

But let’s look at it from a football perspective, too.

What Burress does well meshes with any offense, provided the time away from football hasn’t eroded his skills. He is big. He is fast enough. He can go up and get the ball in traffic to make a quarterback look good. He is a big red-zone threat.

In other words, what he does well, Bryant already does extremely well if not better than Burress.

There would be no need to double up on the skill set while also bringing in the circus that will follow Burress wherever he signs, especially after Jason Garrett has talked about getting the right kind of guy in a Dallas uniform.