Cowboys Stadium not a tough venue

IRVING, Texas -- Our fine NFL writers at the Mothership continued their rankings today by going through the toughest venues in the league.

Not surprisingly Cowboys Stadium is not in the top 10. Not only that, it wasn't even among the 14 stadiums to receive at least one vote. Lambeau Field checked in at No. 1, followed by Heinz Field. The only NFC East venue on the list was Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field at No. 9.

For all of the bells and whistles inside the $1.2 billion joint, Cowboys Stadium is not an intimidating place, even when the crowd swells to more than 100,000. It gets loud on occasion (the wild-card win vs. the Eagles was probably the loudest for a Cowboys game) but too often the fans seem distracted by the digital board.

Last year the Cowboys were 2-6 at home. In 2009, they were 7-2 at home, including the playoff game.

Texas Stadium, despite its history and the successful teams it housed, was not an intimidating place to play either. I never got the sense that teams dreaded coming into the old barn.

And now at Cowboys Stadium I get the sense that the fans inside don’t want to be the first ones to muddy up the place so they are way too prim and proper.