Cowboys draft pick: OT Tyron Smith

This is the last of our series reviewing the Cowboys draft, and we take a look at the No. 1 pick.


Ht.: 6-5, Wt.: 307

Position: Offensive tackle

School: Southern California

Round (overall): First (ninth)

To learn more about Cowboys draft pick Tyron Smith, we talked with USC offensive line coach James Cregg. Here’s what he had to say:

How did he progress at USC?

Cregg: He showed tremendous strides. He worked well in a pro system ... just made a ton of strides in that area, especially last year. He gained a lot of confidence in his technique and transferring it into game action.

Can he play both tackle spots?

Cregg: Yeah. Playing on that left side, now he's going up against the best pass rusher. I had him on the right side, just because we had another kid on the left. And it wasn't like Tyron couldn't play there. It was just good for our team at that time to keep him on the right. But Tyron has the confidence and ability to play left tackle. He showed it in some of our games. He's fundamentally sound, and I don't think he'll have a problem going to the left side in the NFL. He's a natural left tackle. A strong, powerful guy.

What type of person is he?

Cregg: Tyron is a man of few words. But like a lot of guys, he didn't seek advice. He just did things and we helped him along the way. A real good guy.

Yeah, but he said he might be a Hall of Famer?

Cregg: A confident guy. He's not a real aggressive guy in terms of being boastful. He's just confident, and I like that about him. A hard, hard worker. A guy who can tolerate pain. The kid is just a workhorse. We did these sprint drills and there were few linemen who could finish them, and he damn near took every rep and didn't complain. He's an unspoken leader. Good kid.

A joy to coach?

Cregg: Of course. Takes coaching well. He came from a successful high school program that won a ton of games and it's expanded for him at USC. He got used to winning in high school and the same happened here with us. I wish I had him one more year.