Mavs can be teaching tool for Jason Garrett

IRVING, Texas -- If you paid attention to the Mavericks’ run to the NBA Championship, you heard coach Rick Carlisle use the terms ‘process,’ and ‘journey,’ and ‘staying in the moment,’ a bunch. His players repeated those words, too, and took home a title.

Jason Garrett must have been smiling because that is the same mantra he has preached since coming to the Cowboys in 2007 and told the full team that once he took over midway through the 2010 season.

It can only help Garrett’s message to the Cowboys that Carlisle’s message worked so well. Garrett can point to the Mavericks as a team that remained in the process and trusted the system and had success.

Garrett wants his players to stay ready for the chance to play because you never know when it will come. Little-used role players in the regular season, Brian Cardinal and Ian Mahinmi made some big plays against Miami.

Garrett wants team-first players. Before Game 4 DeShawn Stevenson was taken out of the starting lineup and replaced by J.J. Barea. Stevenson did not complain and hit some big threes off the bench and played solid defense.

With how the region has responded to the Mavericks, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like if the Cowboys won a Super Bowl again. That had to cross the mind of the Cowboys’ players as they watched the players celebrate the title from the sound of the final buzzer through Thursday’s parade.

For Garrett, who experienced Super Bowl parades as a backup quarterback, the Mavericks will serve as a great teaching tool to the Cowboys.