Everson Walls: Is Romo best for Cowboys?

Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Everson Walls isn't convinced Tony Romo is the best option at quarterback and says the team needs to shore up the secondary.

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On Tony Romo's ability to lead the Cowboys:

"I may not be the type of guy that really gives many quarterbacks my undying support.

"Romo is the kind of guy that once again the inconsistency is there. I don't know his relationship with his players, but if he's one of those guys that has the trust of his players, you know he's out there giving 100% day in and day out, trying his best to win a game, not giving up on the team no matter what ... then yeah I would follow him.

"And from what I've seen in the beginning of his career, that was Tony Romo. The Jessica Simpson crap that came up, it really seemed to affect his game. And afterwards the injuries started to come and then all of a sudden there became, around the league, this rumor out there, that Romo has a lot of tells in his game, and he hasn't been able to remedy those tells in his game.

"That's when you start to say, 'OK who's going to be best for the Cowboys?' Is it Romo because of his premature popularity ... or are you going to go with a guy like Kitna? Kitna was a pleasant surprise last year.

"Romo's ability to lead this team has been questioned all around the league. The fact that he is in the position to step up means that he has been knocked down a couple of pegs. I'm not anti-Romo as much as I am about pro-production."

On whether a lock-down cornerback is worth $10-$15M

"Hell yeah, no doubt about it. When you look at the impact that Mel Renfro had back in the day with the Dallas Cowboys, when you look at the impact that I had with the Cowboys. I remember Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football say, 'they finally found one,' you know … a cornerback that could make some plays.

"That's what you need. If you look at our teams the last couple of years, we've got all the ingredients in place and it's like the secondary at this point ... I've been a big-time critic of our secondary, because I take offense to a Cowboys secondary that's not able to make plays.

"When you look at how games can be changed by the ability to get your defense off the field in a timely fashion, it just gives your offense much more confidence and leeway when it comes to the game plan and when it comes to taking chances throughout a ballgame."