DeMarcus Ware to tutor Tyron Smith

SAN ANTONIO -- When DeMarcus Ware arrived in 2005 as the Cowboys’ first-round pick, Flozell Adams quickly took the outside linebacker to school to help him learn the tricks offensive linemen like to use.

In the last few years Ware did the same for Doug Free and this summer he will do the same for the Cowboys’ 2011 first-round pick, Tyron Smith.

“With Flo, me and him talked after every single play, ‘Here’s what you did wrong,’” Ware said. “I’ll do the same with [Smith], everything that I see wrong and even what he thinks what I’m doing wrong. Some of the young guys they’ll say, ‘I seen this,’ and I’m like, ‘Dang, nobody told me that.’ They’re innocent so they’ll you.”

Warren Sapp caused a little kerfuffle when he praised Ware as a great player but trashed his leadership, saying, “He couldn’t lead ants to a picnic.” Seems like Ware is doing some leading with Smith.

Initially Ware said he did not want to comment and was not aware of Sapp’s comment, but added, “Regardless I’m eating. If I’m one of them ants, I’m going to be eating. Maybe I’m one of those ants but eventually I’m going to find the food and eat. That’s the way I see it.”