Roy Williams: Timing was bad; no regrets

Former Cowboys receiver Roy Williams was asked by ESPNChicago.com Bears beat writer Michael Wright about his time with the Cowboys. Here's what he had to say:

Do you feel as if there were certain things that kept you from developing in Dallas into the player the team expected you to be?

Roy Williams: “Most definitely, but I’m just gonna call it ... The timing was bad there. The timing for me getting to Dallas was bad. Do I take it away; do I want to take it back? Not at all. It was a good learning experience. I love those guys down there. I thank [Cowboys owner] Jerry [Jones] all the time for bringing me in to play for my dream team, I guess you could say, as a guy coming up in Odessa [Texas]. But, you know, it always feels good to be wanted somewhere, and I’m happy to be here now.”