Jerry on Rob Ryan, free agency and more

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones dishes on Dez Bryant's maturity, the thought of someday relinquishing his GM duties, and much more.

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On the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes:

"We really didn't think that we would be in the hunt as we started free agency.

"As we moved forward, we put [Doug] Free in place, we put [Kyle] Kosier in place ... We had Marcus Spears in place and all of a sudden we saw that if this thing got really right we could probably be a player there, and that did happen.

"We had real good information that we were certainly a team that he might come to. You can't get enough corners ... I know it's speculated that if we got him we might have done something with [Terence] Newman, but that's neither here nor there."

On if he thinks this team can be a contender:

"Yes I do. Yes. We wouldn't be signing these one-year agreements on these safeties if we weren't trying to do something this year, seriously."

On the swagger Rob Ryan brings:

"I visited with Mike Holmgren at length regarding Rob before Jason hired him. He said, 'got to watch him on third down, he'll get a little out there on third-and-long, one and two, he'll upstage your coach. The media gravitates towards him like bees to honey.'

"I'm smiling when I say that, those are not negatives and there's never been a coach that's aggressive at all that doesn't have some third-and-longs that he wouldn't like to take back."