DeMarcus Ware: 'We weren't a 6-10 team'

SAN ANTONIO – DeMarcus Ware considers the Cowboys’ record last season irrelevant.

"We weren't a 6-10 team last year, but that's what the record said,'' Ware said. "I think we can improve from that 6-10 record, especially with improvements on defense and our offense is going to keep rolling.

"It's not going to be a 6-10 season this year.''

Bill Parcells often used to say that teams are what their record says they are. Maybe that message no longer resonates with Ware.

But Ware’s point is certainly understandable. It’d be hard to argue that the Cowboys weren’t horrendous underachievers last season, which Jerry Jones considers the most disappointing of his two-plus-decade ownership tenure.

Bradie James and Jason Witten have talked about how humbling last season was for a team that was obviously overhyped. That doesn’t mean the Cowboys should lack confidence.

There is far too much talent on this team for 6-10 to be anything but an absolute embarrassment.