Drew Pearson long overdue for Ring of Honor

SAN ANTONIO – There will be another name added to the Ring of Honor this season. There better be an 88 attached to it.

Jerry Jones wouldn’t reveal a name when he told ESPNDallas.com’s Jean-Jacques Taylor that the Ring of Honor would expand by one this season, but it’d be absolutely ridiculous to continue snubbing Drew Pearson.

“He’ll be in the Ring of Honor,” Roger Staubach said during Super Bowl week.

That’s more than just a legendary quarterback lobbying for his favorite receiver. Staubach has a lot of sway with the one-man selection committee these days.

Captain Comeback did Jerry a huge favor by serving as the face of the North Texas Super Bowl host committee. Staubach played an integral role in bringing the nation’s biggest sporting event to Jerry’s $1.2 billion football palace.

There would be no better way for Jerry to pay his debt of gratitude than to give Staubach’s go-to guy his rightful place in the Ring of Honor.

Pearson has butted heads with Jerry throughout the years, whether it’s been because of business disagreements or the blunt criticism of the Cowboys that makes the Original 88 such a great fit on ESPN 103.3’s postgame coverage. If it takes Jerry scratching the back of a business partner to finally put Pearson in the Hall of Fame, so be it.

There is a huge hole in the Ring of Honor without Pearson’s name up there. He’s an All-‘70s receiver with a Super Bowl ring and a reputation for clutch catches. (The catch that caused Staubach to coin the phrase Hail Mary pops immediately to mind.) Pearson ranks second in franchise history in catches (489), third in yards (7,822) and third in touchdowns (48).

“Drew Pearson is a Ring of Honor player if there ever was a Ring of Honor player and Jerry has told me that too,” Staubach said in January. “I’m hoping whenever we continue the Ring of Honor … that Drew will be right there. I would be surprised if he wasn’t.”

Better two decades too late than never.