It's time for Jerry to honor Drew Pearson

CANTON, Ohio -- If Jerry Jones is going to put one player in the Ring of Honor this year, it needs to be Drew Pearson.

He should’ve been in the Ring of Honor a long time ago, but we’ll forgive and forget if Jerry -- essentially, a one-man committee -- honors No. 88 sometime this fall.

You can’t write the history of the Dallas Cowboys, which means you can’t write the history of the NFL without discussing Pearson.

Pearson wasn’t all that fast, and he certainly wasn’t that big unless you were talking about his afro.

But there was no one, if you grew up in Dallas in the 70s like I did, that you wanted Roger Staubach to throw the ball to with the game on the line besides Pearson.

He was clutch. All the time.

Pittsburgh had Lynn Swann; Dallas had Pearson.

The Hail Mary in 1975. The fourth-quarter bomb from backup Clint Longley against the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day in 1974.

And don’t forget his game-winning touchdown catch against the Rams in the 1973 playoffs, or the two fourth-quarter touchdowns he scored against the Falcons in the 1980 playoffs.

He caught 489 passes for 7,822 yards and scored 50 touchdowns. Not bad for an undrafted free agent from Tulsa.

He was a great player for the Cowboys.

It’s time Jerry publicly acknowledged it by bestowing him with the greatest honor a player for this franchise can have.