Rob Ryan takes the blame for the defense

SAN ANTONIO -- The first week of training camp has been dominated by the defense. The blitzes, turnovers, knocked-down passes and pressures are the calling cards of new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

In Sunday's Blue and White scrimmage, the offense took over.

The defense needed to call a timeout on the goal line, there was a penalty for having 12 men on the field, the first-team offense drove 98 yards for a touchdown and there were no forced turnovers.

Ryan took the blame for it.

"I anticipate we will do better the next time and we’ve been doing pretty good in these practices," Ryan said. "But today, we got our butt handed to us and it was all me none of our players, it was all me."

There appeared to be communication issues on the sidelines, something Ryan attributed to a new defensive staff learning each other and the players. Ryan said having 12 men on the field won't happen again and he praised the first-team offense, saying it was great.

Yet, the defense did some solid things.

* There was a goal line stand when undrafted rookie linebacker Orie Lemon from Oklahoma State stopped running back Lonyae Miller.

* Kenwin Cummings, Mike Balogun and Alex Albright, all undrafted linebackers, made some good plays with the third and fourth units. Balogun was credited with a sack as he stormed up the middle untouched.

* Abram Elam had some tight coverage on Jason Witten but Tony Romo was still able to get the throw in for a touchdown on third down.

* Orlando Scandrick provided good coverage on a quick slant to Dez Bryant to make the tackle.

The first team didn't play many snaps -- mainly situations such as end-of-half work -- and the third and fourth teams were able to play longer to give the coaches and scouts more tape to study.

"Hell, we still have stuff to work on," Ryan said. "We're trying to evaluate our players and evaluate the different guys. We have a great system and great players. Do we like giving up points, no but that’s the way it is. Sometimes that happens when you're playing against a great offense."