Kenwin Cummings has heard this before

SAN ANTONIO -- A few times during training camp linebacker Kenwin Cummings swears he has heard Rex Ryan talk during the Cowboys' meetings.

Cummings, an inside linebacker, is the only player in camp to have played for Rob, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, and Rex, the head coach of the New York Jets.

“Sometimes he’ll say something and I’ll look, ‘Is that Rex? No, it’s Rob,’” Cummings said. “They’re so much alike in every way. They’re just identical … except for the hair.”

Cummings joined the Cowboys last December off the Jets’ practice squad and played in two games, all on special teams. Cummings said the defenses the Brothers Ryan run are not the same.

“They may have some similarities, but they’re their own person and their own different way of playing different things,” Cummings said.

He did not want to go into state secrets on the schemes.

“I would say one’s maybe more aggressive in certain areas than the other, but in general they both come from that great Buddy Ryan,” Cummings said. “They both learned from their dad and they’re aggressive.”