Cowboys move Kyle Kosier to right guard

SAN ANTONIO -- The Cowboys made a position change in practice Monday, moving veteran Kyle Kosier from left guard to right guard.

The move was made because of a back injury to Montrae Holland, who was hurt last week. Holland was hopeful he would practice Monday, but instead he did conditioning work.

With Kosier on the right side, it allows David Arkin, a 2011 fourth-round pick, to move to the left side and be paired up with left tackle Doug Free.

"That was good," said Arkin, who played left guard for his first three seasons at Missouri State. "He was talking to me and teaching me stuff that was really helpful."

The Cowboys are reluctant to have two rookies playing on the same side, which would have been the case in if the move hadn't been made.

First-round pick Tyron Smith is the starting right tackle and the team wanted a veteran player with him on the same side to help with the protection calls.

It has not been determined if the move is for the long-term, but with the preseason opener coming on Thursday vs. the Denver Broncos, team officials felt it needed to be done.

"He's pretty comfortable on that right side," offensive line coach Hudson Houck said of Kosier. "When he came in the league, that's where he played. That's an opportunity we want to give him a chance and play over there and see how that works."

Kosier, who declined comment, played right guard earlier in his career with the Detroit Lions.

As for Holland, Houck said when he returns he can also be moved to the left side.

"Right now we need somebody to communicate over there," Houck said of the position change. "Communication between linemen, as you well know, is so important and we need somebody there, not another rookie, talking to him. We need a veteran so they can talk about what block is being made."