Jimmy Robinson to coach in preseason opener

SAN ANTONIO --Cowboys wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said the plan is for him to be on the field for the preseason opener vs. the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

Robinson, in his first season with the team, was knocked unconscious on July 30 during a punt drill when wide receiver Teddy Williams ran into him along the sidelines.

Robinson missed a few days of practice and slowly is making his way back.

"The headaches have basically disappeared and I don't think I'm quite back to full speed yet," Robinson said. "But I'm feeling pretty good."

Robinson said his energy level is not totally there and he can't jog without having some problems. But Robinson said he's feeling much better.

In Robinson's absence, coach Jason Garrett and offensive quality control coach Keith O' Quinn worked with the wide receivers. Robinson said he's had a concussion before, but how it was treated it different.

"Not that they call it a concussion," Robinsion said. "I probably had one or two 25-to-30 years ago. Live we've all said the protocol has all changed on that. So I'm certain I've had some but nothing like that one. I was never knocked out cold before."