Rain stops Cowboy's plan to practice in heat

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys can tip a cap to the weather and Larry Brown, the MVP of Super Bowl XXX, for practicing inside Cowboys Stadium on Saturday.

After 14 days inside the Alamodome in San Antonio, the Cowboys had hoped to use their Valley Ranch facility Saturday because Brown had booked the stadium for a day-long youth football games.

“I guess it’s 41 straight days with triple digit weather, so we were going to practice at Valley Ranch today and we talked about the logistics of that and Larry Brown has I guess 4,000 kids playing football,” coach Jason Garrett said. “The whole thing was set up before our training camp schedule, so we were going to go to Valley Ranch and use it as an opportunity to get out in the heat and work. I open up the curtains this morning very early and all of a sudden it’s 68 and raining. I said to the players, ‘How big was the prayer group last night?’ so we quickly adjusted and it was good to know Larry Brown was at the forefront of this event.

“Larry was great. He came around the corner this morning and said, ‘What do you need?’ We need a couple of hours. ‘When do you need them?’ How about 9:30 to 11:30. ‘Done.’ He was very accommodating and it was great to know a part of the Cowboy family was part of that thing and help us out to make it a good day of practice.”

Garrett will not reschedule a day of practice at Valley Ranch for the players to get used to the heat. The first time they will be outside will be Thursday against San Diego for a practice.