Jerry Jones hopes current team has Ring players

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones knew Larry Allen would be a Ring of Honor member one day when former coach Barry Switzer told him Allen was the best football player on the field.

Better than Troy Aikman. Better than Michael Irvin. Better than Emmitt Smith

As Jones watches the current version of the Cowboys he has hopes that a few will one day grace the Ring of Honor

“I don’t want to do that; they’re playing and I wouldn’t do that,” Jones said when asked who of the current crop could be added one day. “But certainly I would hope there’s players here that would find their name up here, yes, and I certainly think we’ve got payers that have a chance to make that kind of contribution.

“But these guys are special. All of them are part of Super Bowl teams and that’s special. But again I don’t want to make it the criteria. I wouldn’t do that.”

Of the current players, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Tony Romo would seem to have the best chance.