Productive work vs. San Diego

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys and Chargers concluded two days of practice with four successful two-minute drills by the offense.

Tony Romo hit Jesse Holley for a touchdown on the Cowboys’ final play for the first team’s two-minute work vs. the Chargers. Romo went 6-of-11 on the drive and was victimized by one drop. Holley was active on the drive with three catches, including a diving grab near the sideline.

Philip Rivers found Vincent Jackson in the back of the end zone while rolling out to his right for the Chargers.

“It’s been a good few days,” Romo said. “I think for our team a lot of it is just execution play to play … Did you block the guy? Did you move? Did you run it well? Did you get through your reads fast? Did it get out on time? I thought we did that and it was a really good day. I think this team is continuing to get better as each week goes by, and today was an example of that.”

Coach Jason Garrett was pleased with the work and the temperaments of both teams. There were only a few shoving matches during the special teams portion of the work Friday.

“We’ve all seen practices and work against another team turn into a fist fight after the play, not handling it well. I thought each team was well-schooled and understood what we were trying to get out of it,” Garrett said. “We practiced hard with good intensity and it was competitive, but it didn’t cross that line where it becomes unproductive.”