David Buehler vows to fight for job

ARLINGTON, Texas -- David Buehler will not give up the kicking job without a fight.

Battling a hip injury for the last week, Buehler said he can’t afford to miss more time in his competition with Shayne Graham, who was signed Tuesday, and Dan Bailey. Buehler hopes to be cleared for Wednesday’s practice and play Saturday at Minnesota.

“It’s frustrating,” Buehler said of the team’s decision to sign Graham, “But it’s frustrating getting hurt and not being able to get the opportunities. It’s not like Danny got a lot this last game, but in practice those opportunities are just as good as game-time opportunities, so every day I’m out it’s definitely frustrating … I’ve just got to get healthy and get back out there. It doesn’t matter who they bring in, I know if I get healthy it doesn’t matter who they bring in I can get the job done.”

Buehler said he hopes to kick some Wednesday but isn't sure he would be able to kick all out.

“In my mind I’m ready to go,” Buehler said. “I’m preparing like I’m kicking in this game. I’ll be ready.”