Cowboys defense needs some work

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys defense has allowed at least 20 points in both preseason games and seen opposing quarterbacks complete 65.5 percent of their passes with a 99 quarterback rating.

The defense has a new coordinator, Rob Ryan, safety, Abram Elam, and quite possibly a new starting defensive end Kenyon Coleman.

"I think our defense like our football team is a work in progress," Jason Garrett said. "The more difficult thing for our defensive system is the defensive system was not in place last year like our offense and kicking game systems have been in."

Elam has been productive in the communication portions of camp by helping the secondary. Bradie James is telling the defensive line, linebackers and secondary what the calls are from the sidelines.

So when Garrett says it's a work in progress with his defense, he's right. There will be some issues but Garrett along with the rest of the defensive coaches feel the preseason games will fix any problems.

"They've had to learn more quickly to understand how to make adjustments and how to be resourceful more quickly than the other units have," Garrett said. "In the offense and the kicking game we had to be reminded of things and learn on the run on some of the new things we're trying to run. On defense, they've responded very well."