Cowboys-Vikings reopen the Metrodome

MINNEAPOLIS -- When the Cowboys take on the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night it will be the first game here since Dec. 5. That day the Vikings defeated the Buffalo Bills at the Metrodome.

But a severe snow storm on Dec. 11 gave stadium and team officials concern. The next day the roof caved in forcing the Vikings to postpone their game with the New York Giants, eventually moving it to Detroit.

It was just the latest example of how outdated the Metrodome.

A storyin the Minneapolis Star-Tribune details what happened with the Metrodome last year and it's comeback. There is a new roof and field.

There's a good quote from Vikings defensive end Jared Allen about his feelings regarding the Metrodome: "It's just a matter of fact that the Metrodome is outdated. It's the only stadium I've ever been in where I have to ride the vending elevator down to the locker room, where I have to park in the admissions parking lot and walk through the ticket office."

Vikings ownership wants a new stadium and Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, has supported that in public. It will be interesting to see if Jones talks about the Vikings getting a new stadium following Saturday night's game.

Either way the dome is back and it's just another side story regarding the dress rehearsal for both teams.