Victor Butler pokes fun at 'sexy' Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez’s pretty boy persona makes for great fodder for radio show hosts and pass rushers.

Cowboys backup outside linebacker Victor Butler happens to be both and had some fun with “Sexy Sanchez,” as he calls the Jets’ quarterback, in this season’s first edition of “Off with the Helmets” on ESPN 103.3.

For example, Butler gave Sanchez a gentle jab when asked if the quarterback was good.

“Oh, yeah, good looking,” Butler cracked. “How could you not want to sack a guy like that?”

Butler, whose Oregon State team upset Sanchez’s top-ranked USC squad in 2008, eagerly awaits the opportunity for a little post-sack interaction with the celebrity quarterback.

“If the refs give me enough time, maybe I’ll whisper a couple of sweet nothings in his ear,” Butler said. “I have his GQ if he wants to sign it for me. I’d really like that. I really want him to sign the cover of this for me. It’d be nice.”