Jerry Jones: Our goal is to compete

IRVING, Texas – Jerry Jones is intentionally vague when asked about his expectation for this season’s Cowboys.

He contributed to the overhyping of the 2010 team, constantly mentioning how swell it’d be to become the first home team in a Super Bowl. That made the Cowboys’ crash even more painful for the man paying the bills.

Jerry will mention that he believes the Cowboys upgraded their offensive line, that he’s optimistic about a healthy Tony Romo surrounded by an arsenal of playmakers, that he thinks the talent is in place for the defense to return to respectability after embarrassing itself last year.

But he’s not about to make any bold statements about the Super Bowl coming off a 6-10 campaign.

“I think we’ve got to walk before we run,” Jones said. “You guys put it in my mouth last year that I was talking Super Bowl. I asked [public relations executive Rich Dalrymple] to run me back some tape and see where I predicted the Super Bowl. I never said that.”

(He might not have predicted a Super Bowl, but he sure talked about the possibility a lot. Back to Jerry.)

“Our goal is to put ourselves in a position to compete. I’m hopeful that we’ll have the team in the situation after 16 games that we thought we were going to have last year. Always. And I was surprised and disappointed with how last year went.”